Christ Apostolic Temple has several outreach programs to serve the needs of the community, to carry forth the vision of the late Bishop Jeremiah Reed (passed onto his son, Bishop Dwight Reed) and to follow the will of God.


Christ Apostolic Temple Community Outreach Services offers resources and services to residents in the Des Moines Iowa area for the purpose of alleviating the adverse effects of poverty.



2021-  521 bags of diapers were distributed

2022-  1805 bags of diapers were distributed

2023- 279 bags of diapers were distributed
2024- 104 bags of diapers have been distributed as of 6/30/24

Food distribution(separate from C.A.T. Food Bank)

2020 holiday food baskets- 192 food boxes were distributed

2021- 651 food boxes were distributed during four food giveaways

2022225 bags of foods were distributed during the holiday food giveaway.

2023- 215 bags of foods were distributed during the holiday food giveaway.


Wal-Mart partnership # of clients served

2019 to 2021- 1267 individuals received supplies from our partnership (with an average of 422 individuals per year).

2022- 1091 clients received items

2023- 1373 clients received items
2024- 290 clients as of 6/30/24
(Please note, a person must sign the log each time they receive an item).
School Supplies
2023- 150 boxes of school supplies

Financial Assistance:

2982.00 Given in financial assistance since 2021( this amount does not include any amounts received by clients who received assistance through a ERAP application done with help from C.A.T.C.O.S.   Nor does it include any amounts of assistance given directly by the Man of God).