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Bishop Jeremiah Reed, Founder and Dr. Willie Mae Reed

Christ Apostolic Temple was founded by Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Jeremiah Reed, and his lovely wife, Dr. Willie Mae Reed, to provide a place where one could learn the truth of the Gospel and know God for themselves.

Bishop and Dr. Willie Mae Reed (affectionately known  as Mother Reed) labored in the apostolic church for over 50 years. They came into  the apostolic faith together in 1961. Bishop and Mother Reed were faithful members under their pastor, District Elder  James P. Foster before beginning a great work for the Lord in Des Moines, Iowa  in 1969. When the Lord called Bishop Reed to preach he gave him the scripture  that says, “…Feed my sheep” (John 21:15-17). 

Bishop and Mother Reed have been dedicated to holiness and serving God’s people. They have been married 64 years and have raised four children in the church. Bishop and Mother Reed have been great examples not only to the saints in Des Moines but to many of God’s children all over the world. The majority of their lives have been given to service and commitment to God.

In December of 2017, God moved Pastor Dwight Reed, Bishop and Mother Reed’s youngest son, into the office of pastor at Christ Apostolic Temple.  With help from his father and direction from God, Pastor Dwight Reed is dedicated to continuing the vision of Bishop Reed, by taking the gospel to the world! 
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Bishop Dwight Reed, Pastor

Presiding Bishop Dwight A. Reed was born August 15, 1958 in Okmulgee, OK.  Bishop Dwight A. Reed is the son of the honorable Presiding Bishop Emeritus Jeremiah Reed and the illustrious Dr. Willie Mae Reed. His father and mother are founders of Christ Apostolic Temple, Inc., Christ Apostolic Temple Inc. Fellowship, JW Reed Academy and the Apostolic Oneness Network.  His apostolic lineage not only includes his mother and father, but also his grandfather, who was an apostolic deacon and his grandmother, who was an apostolic church mother.
Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed was baptized by his father and pastor, and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1972 at Calvary Church of God in Des Moines, IA. He began his preaching ministry at 18 years of age. In addition, in 1976, Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed graduated from East High School in the top 5% of his class.  In 1984, he received an Associate Arts Degree in Southeastern Community College, located in West Burlington, IA. In 1998 he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Theology through the university-accredited  JCAA.  Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed was also the assistant to the pastor for nearly 20 years.
After being academically and trial prepared during a course of fifty-nine year, he was God appointed by the authority of his father, Presiding Bishop Jeremiah Reed who placed him as the pastor of Christ Apostolic Temple, Inc.  With humility and respected honor, Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed’s present primary goal is to continue to implement the vision and legacy of his late father.
Like many of God’s soldiers, Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed was reluctant to embrace the great responsibilities of His calling. However, God used this period as a time of training, during which he generated the necessary life experiences that would prove invaluable to his present ministry.
He is an exemplary son as he emulates with the same fiery torch and zeal that resided in his father. Presiding Bishop Dwight Reed’s ministry presently focuses on recovery, repair and restoration of the souls of men, women, children, and ministries and councils of the Apostolic Faith to show that the Apostolic Faith will be great again!